First Impressions: Diana Instant Square

Diana Instax Square Albany Ny
Diana Instax Square albany ny

Good: Bullet proof instax film works well with the Diana’s quirks.

Bad: Controls are not intuitive and it is easy to make expensive mistakes.

I was supposed to test my new Lomography Diana Instant Square by spending an elegant weekend in New Haven, CT but at the last moment, my trip was moved to the triumph of Albany, NY.


Lake George Howard Johnson’s

lake george howard johnson's

Last year, due to the fierceness of Hillary, I was able to stay at a very competent Hampton Inn located in Lake George, NY. Lake George is a famous summer resort in upstate New York that in winter is deather than my photography career. Without planning it, I discovered that the last Howard Johnson’s restaurant is located in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn. Lucky me! I didn’t end up eating there because the reviews were so horrible I couldn’t handle it. How horrible? So horrible that I ate at a mediocre indian restaurant across the street.