Where We Store Our Photos

As the aerial tram car ascended into the cloud cover the driver announced, “Welcome to the cloud – this is where you store your photos.”

I laughed.

Once a year, on a day with horrible weather, I take the tram up Cannon Mountain. I like it cold and cloudy but I have also experienced it bright and snowy. The top of Cannon Mountain is a lot of fun in good weather but I feel that it is best experienced in the clouds. There is something amazing about being in the clouds as they blow past you and obscure the view.

Cannon Mountain Tips

  • I love taking the tram up to the top of Cannon on the last weekend of the season in October because the top is often covered in snow.
  • The tram car swings at the first support tower which is my favorite.
  • You can allegedly see all the way to Canada from the top on a clear day. Clear days are lame.

Brenton Point State Park

On this edition of GordonGoes, I find myself on top of a lookout tower in a state park in Newport, Rhode Island.

I don’t know the history of this state park but I do know it contains a beautiful destroyed horse barn that makes for great ruin porn and has incredible ocean breezes.

On the day that I visited it was around 90 degrees outside but a mysterious fog was blowing in from the harbor which made the heat tolerable and the ruins even spookier than usual. If you are in Rhode Island, I highly recommend visiting Newport and Brenton State Park.

Toilet Bowl

10,000 years ago, when I was younger and thin, I was the worst kind of provincial art whore.  Truth. Thanks to my innate Episcopalian ability to manipulate loopholes, I found myself in Bilbao for a six-month study abroad program to learning Basque. Bai! While there, I tried to visit the Guggenheim Bilbao as much as possible and it was where I learned to truly love conceptual art. My Spanish roommates used to make fun of me for my visits to the Guggenheim and say that the Guggenheim NYC looked a toilet bowl and the Guggenheim Bilbao what you would put in it.

It was only recently that I finally got to visit the Guggenheim New York City and I kind of agree, it does look like a toilet bowl.