Things To Do In Killington

Can you keep a secret about Killington?

I only visit Killington because I’m driving to another location. The truth is that you are better off planning your visit around White River Junction.

Things To Know

  • Most of the hotels and tourist infrastructure in Killington are located off of the Killington access road.
  • Not everything with the word Killington in it is actually near the mountain. Check on a map because some Killington branded hotels are actually much closer to Rutland.
  • Killington, VT was once part of New Hampshire and tried to return to the Granite State in the 90s.
  • The ski area used to come all the way down to route 4 but the lifts were shortened.

Where To Stay In Killington

  • The road to Killington is filled with closed mom & pop hotels.
  • Most hotels in the area are independent but there are lots of condo rental options.
  • The hotel inventory in Killington proper is sort of dated and I recommend staying in Woodstock, Quechee, or White River Junction.
  • If you are a Marriott person you are out of luck.
  • Unless you must be within 5ft of the mountain at all times you are better off staying in White River Junction or Woodstock.

Stuff To Do In And Around Killington

  • I mostly drive through Killington on my way to Rutland to visit the quarries and maybe go shopping so I don’t really know what people do there. I guess people ski there?
  • Rutland has amazing quarries and even some places open to the public where you can learn about the history of marble production in the area. I highly recommend it.
  • Calvin Coolidge lived nearby and visiting his house is fun. I really only remember eating cheese there so you should go there and do that.

Where To Eat In Killington

  • Just don’t eat in Killington.
  • Rutland has a lot of classic mom & pop restaurants like Gill’s and The Sandwich Shoppe that are amazing and worth a trip in their own right.
  • Just like how you should sleep in White River Junction, you should eat there too. Elixer, Thyme, Tuckerbox, Piecemeal Pies, and Nam Penn are amazing and you won’t pay a mountain premium.

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