Hot Mess Express

Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

I am a hot mess. This house is a hot mess. I am not historic. This house has a long history of ownership by some important people in New Hampshire history.

You should read the wikipedia page about it.

This was an accidental double exposure with my Lomo’Instant instax camera and although I usually hate double exposures I am ok with this one.


I’m a huge fan of my Lomo’instant but I usually forget about it until the leaves turn. This was taken forever ago near Lake Morey.

Things to know:

  • The Lomo’Instant has a super wide lens that can look amazing with trees and fall foliage but may make your friends look ugly.
  • Ugly friends are better known as acquaintances.
  • For maximum fun treat the Lomo’Instax like a vintage box camera or brownie.
  • Instax Monochrome was built for this camera.