Love Goes On – Discover Albany

I spent most of today walking around downtown Albany, NY melting in the head and documenting the awesome #CapitalWalls project. The #CapitalWalls project enlivens public spaces with giant murals by local artists. The murals are the first thing I see when I arrive in Albany, and they make me happy. My favorite mural is “Love Goes On” by Nick Walker.

For more information about the elegant Capital Walls project check out the Albany Center Gallery page.

I will have more photographs of the murals when I finally get my roll of Lomography Potsdam 100 developed in a century or two.

Hot Mess Express

Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

I am a hot mess. This house is a hot mess. I am not historic. This house has a long history of ownership by some important people in New Hampshire history.

You should read the wikipedia page about it.

This was an accidental double exposure with my Lomo’Instant instax camera and although I usually hate double exposures I am ok with this one.


Look Rutland! Taken with my Sharper Image instant camera.

Rutland is Vermont’s second city that is largely ignored because it is poor and lacks Burlington’s veneer of respectability. I actually like Rutland more than Burlington and here is why:

Reasons To Visit Rutland

  • Anna Nicole Smith filmed her last movie in Rutland. It was about aliens.
  • The marble quarries in West Rutland are amazing.
  • The city was once growing faster than Burlington and you can see it in the grandeur of the buildings downtown.
  • They have Amtrak service to NYC via Albany, NY.
  • Gil’s subs are amazing and there are several other classic sandwich shops in Rutland.
  • The Holiday Inn has a great complimentary breakfast buffet.
  • You can easily get to Manchester, VT and Killington from Rutland.
  • Rutland has a real fake salt cave you can pay money to sit in.
  • The Rutland Farmer’s Market is AMAZING.