Hotel Niagara

On one of my first visits to Niagara Falls my family stayed here when it was called Hotel Niagara. I think. Today, after several attempts at becoming something it is just an empty building with signs promising dreams that won’t come true. I don’t remember anything about the room but I do remember making my mother drop mail into the mail chutes so I could see it fall.


Sabu wanted to see a movie and suggested we see Vice. I thought it was going to be a movie about substance abuse and other forms of Episcopalian elegance. I was wrong. Vice is about Dick Cheney. He may be an Episcopalian but he is far from elegant. This is the neon outside of Karen Huger’s favorite multiplex where every beverage is sold as a big gulp.

End Times

niagara falls ontario

They say that Niagara Falls, Ontario is the happiest place on earth. They don’t say that about Niagara Falls, NY. I don’t remember which camera or film I used for this photo but I do remember how amazing it was to walk along the edge of the gorge towards the Schoellkopf Power Station ruins. The trail is busy with tourists and tragedy until you get to the rainbow bridge. There is something oddly inspiring about walking under the border control and beside the abandoned Robert Moses Parkway.

Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge

I’m pretty sure I am on at least 13 watch lists because I took this photo.

Robert Moses hated Niagara Falls, NY and punished the city with this awful parkway that did nothing but seperate the city from the falls. The city has slowly replaced it with an elegant greenway and a two lane road.

I prefer it when my power plants don’t fall into the gorge but in the case of the Schoellkopf Power Station I will make an exception. There isn’t much left of Schoellkopf but these elegant ruins and an elevator you can take to the bottom of the gorge and possibly see exploded turbines in the river.