Is Quebec The Best Part Of Canada?

As a kid growing up near the Vermont-Quebec border I can remember when I learned that most people in Canada don’t speak French.

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of reasons I believe Quebec is the best part of Canada.

Incredible Food: There is no bad food in Quebec. The supermarkets are awesome even in small towns. They make incredible cheese. I gained 10 kilograms just now thinking about all the amazing food I am going to eat on my next visit to Montreal.

Always a Party: Even in smaller towns like Magog, everyone seems like they are heading from one party to another.

Zappatage: The nationalization of Quebec’s electric infrastructure played a very important part in creating the modern province of Quebec. As a kid, I remember driving along Autoroute 10 with my family and being in awe of the magnificent powerlines that bring electricity to Montreal. In other places the electric infrastructure is hidden but in Quebec, it is on view, gorgeous and a source of pride.

Modernism: In terms of modernism in Quebec, EXPO 67 is just the tip of the iceberg. Montreal has the coolest subway. Incredible brutalist architecture. There are even cool ecofriendly modernist homes in the suburbs. While many people visit Montreal for the history, I see it as the city of the future.

If you know me, you know that the provinces of Canada didn’t stand a chance. Quebec is the best. Quebecers eat better, have cooler electric lines, and generally enjoy life more. Vive le Quebec Libre!