Look Rutland! Taken with my Sharper Image instant camera.

Rutland is Vermont’s second city that is largely ignored because it is poor and lacks Burlington’s veneer of respectability. I actually like Rutland more than Burlington and here is why:

Reasons To Visit Rutland

  • Anna Nicole Smith filmed her last movie in Rutland. It was about aliens.
  • The marble quarries in West Rutland are amazing.
  • The city was once growing faster than Burlington and you can see it in the grandeur of the buildings downtown.
  • They have Amtrak service to NYC via Albany, NY.
  • Gil’s subs are amazing and there are several other classic sandwich shops in Rutland.
  • The Holiday Inn has a great complimentary breakfast buffet.
  • You can easily get to Manchester, VT and Killington from Rutland.
  • Rutland has a real fake salt cave you can pay money to sit in.
  • The Rutland Farmer’s Market is AMAZING.