Brooklyn Museum

brooklyn museum
This is not conceptual art but rather art removed for repair.

I took the 2 out to the Brooklyn Museum because I wanted to see their show dedicated to French street artist JR. I had the great luck to visit on a day that the Brooklyn Symphony was performing a popup concert in the galleries.

Brooklyn Museum Things To Know

  • The Brooklyn Museum is super easy to get and the subway station for it is litterally in front of the building.
  • The price is actually a suggested donation and they allow you to pay what you wish. I paid full price because I’m bougie.
  • The museum is a maze and I didn’t make it to the exibit on the 5th floor because I couldn’t find an elevator or staircase that would take me up to it.
  • I didn’t use the coat check which was stupid because I nearly died from walking around in my jacket.

Toilet Bowl

10,000 years ago, when I was younger and thin, I was the worst kind of provincial art whore.  Truth. Thanks to my innate Episcopalian ability to manipulate loopholes, I found myself in Bilbao for a six-month study abroad program to learning Basque. Bai! While there, I tried to visit the Guggenheim Bilbao as much as possible and it was where I learned to truly love conceptual art. My Spanish roommates used to make fun of me for my visits to the Guggenheim and say that the Guggenheim NYC looked a toilet bowl and the Guggenheim Bilbao what you would put in it.

It was only recently that I finally got to visit the Guggenheim New York City and I kind of agree, it does look like a toilet bowl.