Where We Store Our Photos

As the aerial tram car ascended into the cloud cover the driver announced, “Welcome to the cloud – this is where you store your photos.”

I laughed.

Once a year, on a day with horrible weather, I take the tram up Cannon Mountain. I like it cold and cloudy but I have also experienced it bright and snowy. The top of Cannon Mountain is a lot of fun in good weather but I feel that it is best experienced in the clouds. There is something amazing about being in the clouds as they blow past you and obscure the view.

Cannon Mountain Tips

  • I love taking the tram up to the top of Cannon on the last weekend of the season in October because the top is often covered in snow.
  • The tram car swings at the first support tower which is my favorite.
  • You can allegedly see all the way to Canada from the top on a clear day. Clear days are lame.