Lomography Berlin Kino B&W 400 in NYC

I decided on a whim that I would avoid total burnout by spending a weekend in New York City attending the ballet and trying some Lomography Berlin Kino 400 film. Fun, right?

I took Amtrak into the city and after a short break eating sushi at The Pennsy I headed over to the north end of the High Line to check out Hudson Yards and The Vessel. I hate them both, but, they do make good subject matter.

Selfies and Hudson Yards

I walked south towards the Whitney and enjoyed the calming spring weather and gentrification. It was mostly cloudy but still enjoyable. I hear the High Line is amazing at night too.

Gentrify me!
Renovated Highline Lomography Berlin Kino 400

After the High Line, I enjoyed an improperly made Starbucks beverage and took the A down to Fulton to catch a ferry up the East River to Roosevelt Island. I discovered the ferries on my last trip to NYC and they offer a really fun and easy way to see the city without paying a ton.

NYC ferry lomography berlin kino
Foggy and blurry – Lomography Berlin Kino

In low light I find the Lomography Berlin Kino to be a little too flat and grainy for my taste but didn’t mind it for my ferry photos.

The sun came out a little on Roosevelt Island.

On Roosevelt Island, I missed the Red Bus so I decided to walk and see how the Berlin Kino would render the concrete triumph of the island’s brutalist downtown.

After catching the ferry back to FIDI I took the A train again uptown to my hotel and its neighbor the New Yorker.

No Gordon, only Zuul.
Crushing you with Lomography Berlin Kino

I got to the ballet early and discovered that while I was super excited to be at the ballet, everyone else was at the Opera.

Lomography Berlin Kino 400 at Lincoln Center
The opera is cool. I guess.

After the ballet, I headed towards Times Square.

Times Square is one of those places one must visit if only to be reminded of how magnificent it feels to leave it and never turn. I hate Times Square but I had to see how well Lomography Berlin Kino would capture a night scene.

I’m no Shawn Mendes.

Lomography Berlin Kino 400 Tips

  • I love the look of the film but for city views, I prefer a film with more contrast.
  • For the Times Square photos, I didn’t push or do anything special.
  • I used a Lomo LC-A for all of the photos.
  • OldSchoolPhotoLab.com developed the photos.

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