simon pearce quechee vt
Simon Pearce near Quechee Gorge

WordPress is being a jerk and only uploading this photo of my visit to the covered bridge in Quechee, VT. For fun, I used to spell it with a heavy metal umlaut because it is one of the most beige places on the planet.

Things To Know About Quechee Gorge
/ Things Of Dubious Factuality / Things To Do In Quechee

  • In summer I love to sit under this bridge and watch stupid people climb the dam.
  • An elegant person once gave me beautiful things from Simon Pearce.
  • The Quechee covered bridge washed away during Tropical Storm Irene.
  • I heard a rumor that after Irene the restaurant sent people in scuba gear to rescue expensive bottles of wine from the river.
  • The elegant Quechee pocket park is the result of a building being washed away during Irene.
  • I have also heard that when the village of Quechee was invented that the real estate developers painted all of the local’s homes.
  • The free cheese at the Cabot Country Store is replaced every day so go ahead and eat all you want.
  • A horrible lady used to yell at my friends for parking near her condo and I’d piss her off by referring to her condo as her “timeshare.” I’d be like, “omg I don’t want to ruin your week at your timeshare, I’m soooo sorry.”
  • Barb who owns a condo in Quechee (with an illegal door) just happens to be a hot cougar and also just happens to be a real estate agent and also just happens to have owned a Chrysler Pacifica. *cat noise*
  • If you buy a condo here you better love it because the QLLA dues are so high you won’t ever sell it.
  • Park at Dewy’s pond and take the trail from there to the gorge. It is the best way to access Quechee Gorge and the flowers along the way smell amazing.
  • Quechee Gorge is a suicide hotspot in Vermont.
  • I once helped officiate a polo match here in jorts and a mullet wig.

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