Vive Le ShittyCameraChallenge

Because I’m old and I spend a lot of time yelling at kids to get off my lawn, I meet a lot of interesting people. Through Twitter and the death of Marat, I met Adam and his ShittyCameraChallenge.

I think what excites about the ShittyCameraChallenge is that I’m tired of seeing privileged people take boring photos with very expensive cameras. That’s a snoozefest. I also think we take ourselves too seriously in the film photography world and a contest that originally offered a scratched CD as a prize is smart and funny.

My shitty camera is a Sharper Image instant camera which I originally saw at Walmart and bought for $25 used on ebay. It even came with a pack of film. The camera looks crazy cheap and the packaging is pure trainwreck so I think it is a winner.

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